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A Hunting We Will Go - Getting Back to Basics with Nick Weston Hunter:Gather:Cook Get back to nature and learn the basics of survival and self sufficiency with this aptly named Hunter:Gather:Cook Short courses. The course is run by survival expert Nick Weston who spent six months living in the wild in a tree house constructed entirely of natural and recycled materials. During this time Nick survived solely off the land and has subsequently written the book 'The Tree House Diaries:How to live wild in the woods. Nick is also well known for his part as survival expert in the popular channel 4 series 'Shipwrecked' and hopes that his exciting course will encourage a new found appreciation of the natural world. The Woodland Camp This Short courses can be tailored to suit the students' requirements, running from a ½ day to a full day or even an overnight stay, and is suitable for anyone with a love of nature who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty.

The Hunter Gather camp is situated in a wood within 40 acres of farmland which will become the students' hunting ground and the camp itself is built entirely from locally sourced, natural materials right down to the sandstone kitchen unit with a fire pit and clay oven - Off Grid of course. Being Self Sufficient Students will discover fresh, free countryside ingredients and learn how to process and cook a range of wild plants and animals that many will have never tasted or perhaps even seen before as well as developing invaluable survival skills to help make life in the wild that little bit more comfortable. Living off the Land During the course Nick will head a guided walk through the countryside to enable students to identify and gather edible plants and fungi. Students will also be encouraged to catch and cook carp and to trap, prepare and learn to cook a range of wild animals including squirrel, pigeon, deer and rabbit. They will also learn how to light a fire, build a shelter and even partake in some wild brewing and tasting. Be at One with nature So it's time to leave behind the daily grind, the incessant blare of the television and the overpowering stench of exhaust fumes and join Nick as he takes you on an unforgettable journey that will leave you appreciating all that nature has to offer. Hone your Survival Skills If you'd like to try your hand at self sufficiency in the wild, brush up on your survival skills and learn to cook the delicacies of nature you can find more information on this course as well as many other Short courses, evening classes and full length courses in London by paying a visit to  Self sufficiency